Oct 26

Chart Web Part toolbar links

I saw someone mention this on the #SPHelp hashtag yesterday and thought I’d throw it up here to help anyone else looking for this fix. When you use a Chart Web Part to display an Excel graph, it will contain 2 links just under the web part title titles “Data & Appearance” and “Advanced Properties”

Say you want to remove these links, or even remove the title completely. The latter is easy; just edit the web part properties and change the Chrome attribute to a choice with no title. Removing the links is a a bit more work. In order to do so, you’ll have to open up the page which contains the Chart Web Part in SPD. Select the web part on the page; your code for that web part should highlight itself above in the code view. In the first line of that code, search for this line:

Change this ShowToolbar attribute to “False”, save the page, refresh it in your browser and check out the results:

Simple fix, but not one thats easily apparent, especially if you never venture inside SPD to poke around. Hope it helps 🙂