Oct 26

Chart Web Part toolbar links

I saw someone mention this on the #SPHelp hashtag yesterday and thought I’d throw it up here to help anyone else looking for this fix. When you use a Chart Web Part to display an Excel graph, it will contain 2 links just under the web part title titles “Data & Appearance” and “Advanced Properties”

Say you want to remove these links, or even remove the title completely. The latter is easy; just edit the web part properties and change the Chrome attribute to a choice with no title. Removing the links is a a bit more work. In order to do so, you’ll have to open up the page which contains the Chart Web Part in SPD. Select the web part on the page; your code for that web part should highlight itself above in the code view. In the first line of that code, search for this line:

Change this ShowToolbar attribute to “False”, save the page, refresh it in your browser and check out the results:

Simple fix, but not one thats easily apparent, especially if you never venture inside SPD to poke around. Hope it helps 🙂

Oct 26

ULS log Event ID 5240 “There was an error in communicating with Excel Calculation Services”

I started seeing this error in my ULS logs, and the Event Viewer on the server was packed full of red x’s. Fount this TechNet article that talked about this specific error – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee513104.aspx. My error text mentioned a service account that hasn’t has any problems otherwise, but for whatever reason it cant communicate with the Excel Services app. The “solution” to fix it proposed by Microsoft was to restart the server. Now, during my IT support days we would use this to fix 99% of those “my computer is broken” type tickets. I just didn’t think dropping the entire app server during the day would make my users very happy, so I kept looking.

I ran across this article from Eric Harlan about how to look through IIS to find out which Web Application is controlling your Service Applications. Using his process, I figured out which app pool contained my Excel Services service app. In our environment it contains all of our Office service applications (Excel, Word, PP, Visio, Access). I recycled this specific Application Pool and my Event View is no longer a sea of red. It’s been a few days now since I recycled it and I haven’t seen the error come back, so I’ll chalk this one up as complete 🙂

Aug 02

Why I attend SharePoint Saturday events

Here’s my $.02 and reasoning from the non-business side of things…

In the 4+ years I’ve worked with SharePoint, most of that time was spent working in state government, with the past year or so being spent at a university. There were no sales goals or dollar value that my employers were able to attribute to my attendance. Along with state budget issues, getting travel covered for SharePoint Saturdays just wasn’t going to happen, so I go to SharePoint Saturdays on my own time and money. I attend for my own professional development, to learn a little bit about a lot of things that I can take back to the office to do things better. It gives me an excuse to see someplace new and meet the faces I see on the blogs that I follow, and on my Twitter feed 🙂

My first SharePoint Saturday was in Tampa way back in Nov. 2009 and I instantly became hooked on the community. Everyone just wants to live up our product’s namesake – share info, collaborate on solutions, and generally help people do their job better. My work has required me to wear many different SharePoint hats as the sole “SharePoint guy”.  The variety of sessions that have been offered over the years has proven invaluable in that regard, as I am able to take a bite of each piece of the SP pie and a sip from the fire hose.

After attending SPS for a few years, I was a speaker for the first time @ SPS Orlando. I saw it as my chance to give back to the community that’s helped me learn so much about SP over the past three years. When we asked the crowd at the end of the day how many of them were attending their first Share Point Saturday, at least 80% of the room raise their hands. I’m glad I could be a part of something which helped bring that many more people into the fold. There’s a treasure trove of new ideas just waiting to be unleashed when those new people really grasp the power of the platform and work to solve their business problems.

Like many others, I do it simply for the love of the product and community that surrounds it. Free training is free training. If its outside my local area, I’ll make a mini-vacation out of it and visit some place I’ve never been. I’ve always loved traveling so it goes hand in hand.  I’ve done that with Washington DC & New Orleans so far, and I’m looking forward to whatever new city comes my way. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up leaving the states and scratch Europe or Austrailia off my travel bucket list. The global nature of SharePoint certainly lends itself to those ends 🙂

Jan 26

“Security validation for this page is invalid”

Our SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment was recently upgraded to SP1 and the June 2011 CU. Came in this morning to a error form an Infopath form. After checking it out, I got the same error myself when switching views on a browser form:

“The security Validation for this page is invalid. Click back in your Web Browser, refresh the page and try your operation again.”

Ran the error through el Goog and ran across this TechNet post pointing the finger at a new OnLoad event in the June CU. The August 2011 CU supposedly fixes (removes) it. But we’re not there yet, so here’s another way to bypass the problem:

  1. In the 14 hive, under template/layouts, find the formserver.aspx file.
  2. Backup the file and then edit it with any text tool, say, notepad.
  3.  Under the <body> tag, add the blue line of code.

<body runat=”server” id=”PageBody”>
<SharePoint:FormDigest runat=”server” />

 Save it and give the form another go, you should be good as new.


Dec 01

Show content of a specific folder in a LVWP

Quick post about a request that came in this morning. A user is showing the contents of a doc library on a page, but only wants the contents of a specific folder to appear. By default the list shows all contents of the doc library. Modifying the view through the browser will not allow you to speficy a folder. What we need to do is create a filtered view through SP Designer. Here’show that’s done:


  • From the library, click the view drop-down menu and choose Create View


  • Select the option to crate a custom view in SPD

  • SharePoint Designer will open, then ask you to give your new view a name. Once that’s done, click on the link to edit the view

  • Once the page editor opens, select your LVWP on the page, then go to the Folder scope drop-down list on the ribbon to select “Show All Files of All Folders”

  • You’ll notice the contents of the web part change to show all folders in the doc library. Now we need to filter the items. Select the filter option from the left side of the ribbon and the following window will appear. Choose “Path” from the first drop down, and enter the Value in this format:  /SiteCollection/Site/SubSite/Library/Folder

  • If all goes well you should see the contents of your folder appear in the LVWP. When I first looked into doing this, the blog posts/threads didnt mention the syntax for doing this on a subite, so it took some trial and error before I got the filter value correct.

If you don’t want to read all of the above, this YouTube video is a great walkthrough of the same process 🙂

Jul 13

Infopath “Delete Row” button

Here’s a quick bit of code I found on Uday’s mstechblogs site that makes it a bit easier for your users to remove a row in a repeating table. 

 To use this in your form:

  • Add a button
  • Access the button properties
  • Fill out the Label and ID fields, then select “Edit Form Code…”
  • Find the code for your button’s clicked event
  • Add this short line of code after the comment line:
    • // Write your code here.

And that’s it. Preview your form and add a series of extra rows in the table. A click of your new button and the line will be gone. Makes things easier for end users; they just click a shiny button instead of using the table menu to remove each repeating row.

Jul 07

Flash and SharePoint

Found a great article here about how to add Flash to your SharePoint site. Here are the basic steps:

  • Make sure Browser File Handling is set to “Permissive” on the webapp’s Central Admin – General Settings page
  • Upload your flash and associated files to a library somewhere on your SP site
  • Copy the shortcut to the index.html file you just uploaded
  • Add a Page Viewer web part to your page and paste the shortcut to the index.html file as the web part source

And that’s pretty much it. Depending on the resolution of your flash file, you may have to adjust the dimensions in the web part appearance settings.

Jun 15

Auto-size Infopath drop down list

Found a solution to fix a drop-down list that is not sized correctly for the list items. If you go into the field property page and the size tab, empty the width field or type in “auto”. In some cases it will run the drop down arrow off the edge of the form, but it will still function correctly as a drop-down list when the field is clicked.


Drip-down auto size